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Building trust within the Blockchain space, providing security and legal solutions all over the globe.

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Soken Security Team

We are here to enhance your Blockchain Security.

Soken Security team is a group of leading analysts and engineers with a strong background and years of experience in the crypto market. Our goal is to foster trust within the blockchain ecosystem, allowing this developing technology to achieve its full potential among existing enterprises, governments, and blockchain startups. Soken smart contract audit services will help you put your safety concerns behind. We will show opportunities and risks and offer comprehensive solutions.


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    Featured Services

    Smart Contract Audits

    Security audits enable people to assess the reliability of various blockchain projects and the safety of their funds. Our clients constantly receive the best customer experience due to Soken’s highest quality-price-ratio services. We can deliver a variety of security solutions ranging from Smart Contract Overview to Comprehensive Audit and Doxxing.

    Legal Office Products

    Soken Legal Office is a universal team of experienced lawyers working with the crypto industry for years. Our legal products will provide high-quality transparency for all kinds of listings. Our solutions include Company Registration, Legal Opinion, Website/ICO Terms & Conditions, AML/KYC Procedure, Whitepaper Review, etc.

    CEXs Listing Services

    The majority of Blockchain projects strive to expand their community and attract as many investors. This is completely feasible with our Listing Services. Soken is known for its numerous partnerships with various Centralized Exchanges. We will not only assist you with the whole process but will also bring you the quickest and most affordable solutions.

    More about Soken

    Soken team operates on an international level and has offices in Hong Kong, Canada, and Ukraine. We started with smart contract audits and soon moved into the legal field. We issue legal opinions for crypto exchange listings and provide full project support, from carrying out audits to listing tokens on exchanges. Moreover, we help new companies to register and get financial advice for their cryptocurrency projects to be able to work comfortably in their respective jurisdictions. Soken always keeps its pricing at a reasonable level. Customers’ trust in our company has been continuously increasing ever since its inception.

    Top 5 projects

    wdt_ID Name Score Type Blockchain Date Socials Download
    1 93 Comprehensive Audit 23/09/2021
    2 HalfPizza 93 Comprehensive Audit 05/08/2021
    3 BitcoMine 96 Anti-Fraud Certification 15/11/2021
    4 LTEX 96 Anti-Fraud Certification 20/01/2022
    5 Magic Beasties 90 Standard Audit 21/10/2021
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