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About Us

We are here to enhance your Blockchain Security.

Soken is a growing team of leading analysts and engineers with a strong background and years of experience in the crypto market. Our goal is to foster trust within the blockchain ecosystem, allowing this developing technology to achieve its full potential among existing enterprises, governments, and blockchain startups. Soken smart contract audit services will help you put your safety concerns behind. We will show opportunities and risks and offer comprehensive solutions.

We Are Offering Multiple Blockchain Security Services


Smart contracts can have unique and unusual architecture, that can lead to new, specific, and one-of-a-kind issues. The Soken team keeps track of all new Solidity language features as they are published. Also, we report common smart contract vulnerabilities and are ready to discover unique bugs particular to your field.

Security Assessment is an integral part of any FinTech project, especially in Blockchain culture. Our auditors are trying their best, coming up with various scenarios considering different attacker's models and following our list of security procedures. Starting from learning your project architecture, we are proceeding with both automatic and manual security analysis and testing.

Pentesting is a type of security examination in which our team pretends to be a hacker and attempts to get access to private networks, internal services, billing systems, and so on. While an attacker's goals are always disruptive - blocking, data corruption and theft - a penetration testing team takes on the role of a cybercriminal to secure clients and harden systems.

Our Workflow


Project Analysis

We are gathering the necessary papers to ensure that the team can audit the smart contract and that the customer is expressing the smart contract's desired behavior to the team.


Individual Auditing

All team members first evaluate the code for themselves before they submit a draft of their results.


Collaborative Auditing

The results are reviewed and the team will conduct another round of collaborative auditing, once individual audit findings have been compiled.


Final Report Submission

Once the collaborative verification is completed, the customer will receive documentation and optimization suggestions on any vulnerability found.

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