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Soken's legal office stands as a dedicated team of qualified lawyers committed to providing comprehensive legal support throughout every stage of your project's development. Our profound understanding of the Web 3.0 market equips us to identify optimal legal solutions within the jurisdiction relevant to your project.

Essential Legal Documents: Protecting Your Interests

Website Terms & Conditions:

This fundamental document governs the legal interaction between your website and its visitors/users, ensuring full legal protection for the owner. It covers copyright protection, intellectual property, user behavior, rights, third-party links, and services.

ICO Terms & Conditions:

Regulating the public pre-sale of tokens conducted on your website, this essential document ensures a transparent and legally sound token sale process.

Privacy Policy GDPR and CCPA:

A compulsory document that meticulously regulates the security procedures for personal data, aligning with GDPR, CCPA, and other relevant regulations.

Risk Policy:

This essential document is your legal shield against inexperienced, uninformed, or ill-intentioned investors or platform users.

SAFT Agreement:

Regulating the private sale of future tokens to strategic investors, this document offers preferential terms, discounts, and clarity in the token sale process.

Vesting Agreement:

This document ensures the strategic blocking of vested tokens, showcasing your project's commitment and legitimacy to investors.

AML/KYC Procedure:

Essential for future regulatory compliance, this document regulates your adherence to know your client and anti-moneylaundering obligations, enhancing the credibility and safety of your business.

NDA/NCA Agreements:

Regulating confidentiality and non-competition obligations, these agreements protect your company's interests when individuals, such as developers, advisors, or promoters, gain access to confidential information.

At Soken, we go beyond legal navigation; we establish the bedrock of your project with a strong legal foundation. Our dedication is to guarantee the secure and thriving progression of your Web3 venture. Trust Soken for legal clarity, precision, and protection.

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